Thursday, April 16, 2009

Moises update: "Just when you thought things couldn't get crazier......."

The most recent update on Moises from Tim Tam:

"I continue to be amazed by the favor God brings on this little guy. On Monday Moises was registered with Saint Andrews school in Amarillo. This is THE most prestigious private school in Northern Texas. Headmaster Ron Ferguson has travelled with me in Belize. His school has founded one library in Toledo District and is doing a book drive in the spring to establish another. A banner hangs in Moises' room from Saint Andrews children. Moises has stacks of get well letters from their students. Tutors will come from the school to the hospital. They will continue coming through the summer.

Paramount Baptist Church send "prayer quilts" to Moises and Magdalena. They first received prayer requests from mother and son and offered up prayers for each knot tied on the quilt.

Moises' favorite TV show? The Food Network...........for hours on end. If I wasn't able to eat for months I would avoid the channel. Moises makes his mom watch so she will learn to cook him everything when he gets back to Belize.

Hundreds of letters and get well cards continue to flow in from all over. Still no need for anymore toys, books, clothes, toiletries, games,...........only prayer

Yesterday Moises requested to phone his Favorite nurse from the Belize City hospital....very touching to watch them catch up....very encouraging for her to speak with "her little boy".

On Friday my wife and I return to Belize and plan to visit the family in Corozal Town. Moises has loaded us down with toys and stuffed animals for his 8 brothers and sisters. We also will be carrying video greetings and messages for the family and will return with the same."

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Moises Update

Thank you one and all for your prayers. Please continue to hold him up in prayer.
Moises has gained weight but has had an infection and twice had fevers that caused us great concern. Tonight he is feeling great and looking good. Tomorrow we meet to discuss his enrollment in school, which for him will be done with personal tutoring.
His education is about to take a huge leap. Moms days are no longer grief and hopelessness but continuous smiles.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

An Update on Moises - Into the Arms of Stranges: Generosity Saves a Life

Since it has been over a week since we have posted any updates on Moises, we wanted to post the latest news. And this time, we have 3 sources of news. The first comes from two of our Belize team members.

Sophie and Michelle made the journey out to Amarillo on Friday to see Moises. Early last week Moises' central line had become infected, and he developed a 103 degree fever. They removed the central line, treated the infection, and his fever went down. Without a central line, however, Moises was receiving no nutrition last week and so by Friday he was fatigued and weary. But, while Michelle and Sophie were there, the doctor came to take Moises in order to install a new central line. And the latest report that has come in is that the procedure went well, he is receiving nutrition again, and is regaining strength.

On Monday, Tim Tam sent the following email with updates on Moises' condition

"'The fool says in his heart, there is no God'. Psalm 53:1

I am witness to an amazing phenomenon which is occurring around little Moises. Whether in Belize, here in the states, or across the Internet so many who meet him or hear about him are strengthened and encouraged in their faith. Over and over again I hear the affirmation that God is real and is working amongst us. While Moises was in the hospital his mother, Magdalena, was instructed in a dream to read Psalm 53. Not being literate, she got her mother to read it to her. The words of the chapter brought her to tears and she immediately shared it with her husband who also broke down in tears at its hearing. At that moment he was in a jail cell where he spent a few days while police were determining whether negligence contributed to the accident. With his stepson injured, separated from his family, stuck in jail, he was at the end of his rope doubting god's goodness and even his existence. He told Magdalena that the scripture from her dream was meant for him, yet both of them knew God was speaking to them and both of them were encouraged in their faith. The chapter goes on to say "God looks down from heaven on the sons of men to see if there are any who understand, any who seek God". God has given us a great gift in little Moises and is using him to provoke many to seek Him.

Shortly after Moises arrived in Amarillo an infection was detected in his central line. For several days we were concerned and Moises was again in pain. Now the infection has passed and again he is gaining strength and without as much pain. This morning Moises was mad because he was hungry. It had been an hour since his last popsicle and he wanted another. But he can only have a popsicle every 4 hours. I remembered how just a couple of weeks ago he was quiet, lifeless, and beyond hunger pangs. Oddly, even these new complaints about hunger were an encouragement to us all. Everything seems to be going so well now. The memories of former suffering and hopelessness are beginning to disappear under piles of smiles and laughter. Today Moises was up out of bed if to visit the hospital playroom to color, play board games, and drive the electric car down the hospital hallway.

What else is happening?????

He came to us at 15 kilos. Today he was at 19.2 kilos.

He gets visits from his new friend Sadie, the licensed therapy dog, who climbs up on his bed and lets him feed her snacks.

My wife and I are her new “mother and father”.

Mary Kay, the nurse from Accolade who secured the life-saving TPN, came to visit. Since Mom can’t read she brought her the entire Bible on CD. She brought Moises a children’s book of Bible stories with CD’s of bible songs which already he sings along.

Magdalena’s husband calls every day. She misses her other children badly but is content to stay at Moises’ side.

The Big surgery will be in June or July after he gains significant weight.

No financial needs at this time due to generosity of Belize, Canadian, and US. donors….God is Good!

What are we learning about God through Moises?

The same lesson we hear about in Hebrews 1:6

'And without faith it is impossible to please god. For the one that comes to god must believe that he existsand that he is a rewarder of those who seek him.'

The fool says in his heart, 'there is no God'.

Moises not only believed in God but he never stopped seeking him in prayer."

Also, Tim sent out a link to an article written in the Amarillo paper on Moises -
Into the Arms of Strangers: Generosity Saves a Life