Monday, April 9, 2012

From Tim Tam: Catarina Update=?UTF-8?B?4oCmLi5UdW1vciAg?=surgery q

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From Tim Tam: Catarina Update…..Tumor surgery q

My apologies if you already received these from Carla.
I get so many requests for updates on this, it is easier to send to my whole address book.

Tim Tam

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Subject: Catarina Update

Hey Everyone,
Catarina will be admitted to the hospital (this) morning around 6am.  She is scheduled for trach and G-tube at 7:45am.  We are told she will be in ICU after this is completed tomorrow and kept there until after recovery from the tumor removal surgery which is scheduled for next week. 
Her MRI showed no parasites and all scans were good confirming no metastasis which is a Big Praise!
Continue in prayer!
 Blessings,  Carla Jennings

 Hello Everyone,
Today was the first of a long process for Catarina.  The surgeons have the trach and the feeding tube in place.  She was frightened and she cried as we prayed over her before surgery.  She was in surgery for these procedures about two hours.  She did very well and was taken to ICU after recovery.   The doctors, the nurses, and everyone at the hospital has been so good and kind to Catarina; she has had some very special attention.
She will remain in ICU until next Friday when she will be taken for the removal of the tumor.  Once removed, the plastic surgeon will begin the reconstruction.  Her expected hospital stay is 3 weeks. It's a long road ahead so continue to pray.
Good Friday!
Blessings,  Carla 
Tim Tam
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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

prayer request

An update on yesterday's concrete pour at the Valley of Peace School - it went well - God is good!  Way to go Kenny!!

Hi I just want to say thanks for all your prayers and thanks to Kent
for helping me get this far

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

From Tim Tam: Belize update on Baby Raquel and Catarina q


We have support to send Baby Raquel and her mom to the states for surgery.

Thank you all........
Tim Tam

Here is yesterdays update on Catarina

Hello Everyone,
Stephanie and I went  to see Catarina yesterday.  She is in very good spirits and feeling comfortable.  Her grandfather was able to call the family in Belize while we were there.  He says he feels like he is with family and feels like he is at home.  Catarina has had no fever, no difficulty breathing and is eating and drinking very well.  She says she has no pain.  The doctor is trying to get as much nutrition in her as possible before the surgery. 
The doctors and surgeons are reviewing all the additional medical records Mr. Ishim brought with him and we should know the surgery date soon. 
Mr. Ishim has such strong faith and he has put Catarina in the hands of the Lord and said "His will be done".  He shared so many stories with us yesterday; everyone felt like they had known him forever.
Continue to pray for Catarina and Juan, her grandfather.  Will update you as we hear from the doctors.
Blessings,  Carla Jennings
Hearts of Christ Children's Ministry

Tim Tam
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Prayer Request from Belize

Hello everyone,

Would you please join us in prayer as Kenny Logan prepares to pour the roof for the Valley of Peace school in Belize?  This three building will alleviate current overcrowding; the project was started last year.

Kenny asks specifically for:

1 - Safety during the pour tomorrow, Wednesday, April 3

2 - Stability of the structure so the pour will go well

3 - Laborers - there are 35 yards of concrete to be poured!

Thank you for your partnership and prayers,

Mollie Fields

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From Tim Tam: Special Request q

2 down and one to go.
If you remember one of my previous emails I mentioned on my March trip to Belize being confronted with 3 medical problems?????
1. Hospitalized mother needing Medicine not available in Belize
2. Catarina and tumor (update from Hearts of Christ below)

Now we are seeking help for an infant needing surgery

The need with Caterina was prayer and a hospital in the US to open it's doors.
getting the hospital is usually the hard part.

The good news here is we have already secured the hospital and physicians.
This time we need help with funding to get the mother and child to the states.

This 3 year old, known as "Baby Raquel", and her 18 year old mother are from a Belizean children's home......Marla's House of Hope.
As you can see from the photo she needs corrective eye surgery.
There is no family to help, but we can be that for her.

We need about $1000 USD for airfare to get Raquel and her mother to the states.
At this time everything else is covered.

Please contact me via email if you can help.
I am currently in transit to Belize and will respond tonight or tomorrow.


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From Friday night
Hello Everyone,
I just received a call from Alicia Williams and she, Catarina and Juan have arrived in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Catarina made the flight in good condition. All is well.  
They were at the drive thru at McDonalds!  Can you believe that; God is so good!
Catarina, Juan and Alicia are staying in the home of the doctor tonight and I will let you know as I hear more details.  The doctors and surgeons met today and plans are in the making for the surgery date and time. 
So thankful for all the prayers and for the ones to come; so much power in prayer.
Blessings,  Carla Jennings
Hearts of Christ

Tim Tam
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