Thursday, April 16, 2009

Moises update: "Just when you thought things couldn't get crazier......."

The most recent update on Moises from Tim Tam:

"I continue to be amazed by the favor God brings on this little guy. On Monday Moises was registered with Saint Andrews school in Amarillo. This is THE most prestigious private school in Northern Texas. Headmaster Ron Ferguson has travelled with me in Belize. His school has founded one library in Toledo District and is doing a book drive in the spring to establish another. A banner hangs in Moises' room from Saint Andrews children. Moises has stacks of get well letters from their students. Tutors will come from the school to the hospital. They will continue coming through the summer.

Paramount Baptist Church send "prayer quilts" to Moises and Magdalena. They first received prayer requests from mother and son and offered up prayers for each knot tied on the quilt.

Moises' favorite TV show? The Food Network...........for hours on end. If I wasn't able to eat for months I would avoid the channel. Moises makes his mom watch so she will learn to cook him everything when he gets back to Belize.

Hundreds of letters and get well cards continue to flow in from all over. Still no need for anymore toys, books, clothes, toiletries, games,...........only prayer

Yesterday Moises requested to phone his Favorite nurse from the Belize City hospital....very touching to watch them catch up....very encouraging for her to speak with "her little boy".

On Friday my wife and I return to Belize and plan to visit the family in Corozal Town. Moises has loaded us down with toys and stuffed animals for his 8 brothers and sisters. We also will be carrying video greetings and messages for the family and will return with the same."

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  1. What a neat little boy to think of giving his brothers and sisters some of the toys he has received! A good lesson for us all.....sharing what God has provided with our brothers and sisters in Christ.
    Thank you for keeping us posted on how Moises is doing. We who are watching from afar are amazed at what God is doing!
    Jo Anne at First Presbyterian, Arlington, Texas