Monday, May 14, 2012

From Tim Tam: Katarina Update

Hey Everyone,
A few of us went to visit with Catarina last night.  She is doing very well but continues to need prayers.  She has gained some weight (and so has Juan, her grandfather) ha! imagine that in the USA!!  Catarina was sitting in a chair in the doctors home drinking chocolate milk and working a puzzle.  She is walking around some but the skin graft from her thigh has not completely healed so she has had some difficulty with that area.  She actually went to Chuckie Cheese with the doctor and his family; loved eating pizza.
The skin flap has covered the area where the tumor was removed and it is quite a large area.  It covers part of her mouth, entire nose area and one of her eyes.  Please be in prayer that the bone marrow biopsy will show no cancer; she will have that test soon.  And pray that the thigh area will heal quickly; no chemo can begin until that is completely healed.
Juan is keeping in close contact with his family in Belize.  They call him often and he also calls them.  Catarina has spoken to her parents and other family members frequently.  
Blessings,  Carla 

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