Monday, July 8, 2013

Update on Tim and Lisa Tam

It's been awhile since we have visited. There have been a few new milestones to share with you. Tim was given a "green light" both figuratively and literally. He began driving again three weeks ago. Take heed all fellow Amarillo drivers!! All kidding aside it has been a great change for both of us. The freedom we feel is wonderful. We have been required to depend on others to get around - appts, groceries, etc. - and we are very thankful for all our drivers. Truth be told, we miss seeing them. But the independence that has come with Tim being given permission to drive is very encouraging! A couple of weeks ago Lisa had an MRI taken of her left shoulder. A torn rotator cuff was revealed. For the present it will be treated with physical therapy. If therapy is unsuccessful she will need to have surgery. As with many things in our lives at present only time will tell. Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to heal. We need patience through this process, and wisdom to hear God's voice through this time.

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