Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to Moises!

Moises turned eight years old Friday, May 22.

A birthday party was held for him in the playroom at the hospital in Amarillo Texas. I am so glad to see this day come. There was a time that no one thought this possible. Secretly, I myself had doubts. Moises shared a dream he had while we were still in Belize before the jet arrived. In his dream the angels were preparing to have a birthday party for him. Remember, during that time he was having lots of significant dreams and visitations by an angel, "the man in white who was helping him". I wondered whether this dream meant that he would be with the angels on his next birthday. So I decided not to mention it to anyone, and to hope and pray that angels would protect him and insure that he would live to have another birthday. And so they did. He still isn't allowed to have any food until the surgery when they reconnect his intestines. So there were lots of presents and for birthday cake they had snow Cones, a fancy substitute for
ice chips.

He is doing so well that they have planned to move up the date of the surgery to June 8th.
He's been in Texas for about two months now and yesterday for his birthday he finally got a cowboy hat.

Please continue to remember Moses in your prayers. It's not over yet.

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