Sunday, June 7, 2009

Moises Surgery Update and Galveston Mission Send-off

Moises Update from Tim Tam:
Over the last several weeks we have been privileged to see great improvements in Moises' health, physically and emotionally.   As he approaches the end of this time of preparation for surgery there continues to be great need for prayer.  He has been battling another infection and jaundice.  To deal with the jaundice they had to disconnect the IV line that feeds his body nutrition for a time until he recovers.  

Both he and his mother are wearied from the length of this ordeal.  There is a spiritual phenomena that takes place around Moises.  Even from the time of his struggle for life in the Belize hospital God has used this little guy to inspire others and strengthen their faith.  As we might then expect, there is also a spiritual battle taking place.  Moises and his mother both sense evil poised against them.  They are currently having dreams that depict this battle for Moises.  

For all these reasons I ask you to please be vigilant in your prayer support.  If all goes well, the surgery it tentatively scheduled for June 16. 

Galveston Music and Mission Trip:
This morning a group of 25 youth and adults were commissioned at the early worship service and packed up in vans for a music and mission trip in Galveston, Texas.  The group will spend a week providing Hurricane Ike relief work on a home repair project.  In the evening the Agape Youth Choir will give local musical performances.

Please keep these folks in prayer as they act out God's love by helping our coastal neighbors in need.

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  1. We're thinking about you and praying for you up here in Arlington! Hope the weather is cooler down's in the 90's up here!
    Things are fairly quiet in the church office. What does that mean?
    Take care!
    Jo Anne