Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Belize prayer update 2

Received the following from Sophie this morning.
What a privilege to have current, updated news of our team so we can know how to lift them up in prayer!

"How priceless is your unfailing love! Both high and low among men find refuge in the shadow of your wings. They feast on the abundance of your house; you give them drink from your river of delights."
Psalm 36: 7 - 8

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From: "Sophie Draffin" <fpca_youth@yahoo.com>
To: "Brett & Marla Shideler" <brett-marla_shideler@sil.org>
Subj: Monday Belize Update
Received: 16 Mar, 10 12:32:35 AM

Our first three days in Belize have gone extremely well (and quickly)!

Sunday we worshiped at Trinity Church.  The service was lively and full of energy, and we saw God at work in the lives of the congregation.  We experienced some things in the service that some of us "frozen chosen" have only read about in the Bible, but we truly enjoyed experiencing a new culture, new ways of worshiping, learning new songs, and seeing God's Spirit at work.

We are eating dinner every night at the church instead of eating out. By paying them to provide meals we are helping to fund their church community and missions. 

We had some free time Sunday and a group of us were able to go see Moises and his family during that time (if you aren't familiar with the Moises story you can read more about it on the FPCA missions blog,  http://fpcamissions.blogspot.com/).  It was great to see Moises and see how healthy he is. He showed us around his house and  recited for us a Bible  verse he had memorized. We also met all of his siblings, played soccer with them, and taught them how to throw an American football. We took all the kids for ice cream, brought the older girls Bibles and school supplies. We brought the younger kids toys and the newest member of the family (Lisa - 6 months) baby clothes. 

Monday started our work week.  Our main project is at Youth Enhancement Services (YES). YES is an alternative school for girls - some couldn't keep up in traditional schools for various reasons. Most of them come from broken homes, or have faced abuse of some kind whether physical, sexual, or emotional.  Some of the girls are Christians, but others are still seeking.

The very first thing we did this morning was a time of worship/devotionals. This is how we are going to start each day with the YES students.

After our devotional time, we split up into different responsibilities. Some of the team worked with the girls on some of their projects. We had a group doing construction, working to double the size of their educational classroom building.

In the afternoon Tony (doing construction) and Mackenzie (working with the girls) stayed at YES in Lords Bank. A group of us headed out to Belompan for a task that came up that day. Sophie, Michelle, and Jennifer helped to unload a freight container that just arrived full of school desks. The desks were supplied by West Texas A&M (and the story of the donation of the desks is still on the Word at Work website). Suzie, Kelly, and Hannah headed out to Belmopan as well and had the chance to spend the afternoon at King's Children's Home, a Christian orphanage run by an amazing woman.  Though they were only there for the afternoon, the kids LOVED having them there.

Scot and Jerry spent the day at Belize Emergency Response Team (BERT).  BERT is the only ambulance service in the country of Belize.  Scot and Jerry provided much needed training for them today and will continue to do so throughout the week. 

The rest of us will return to YES tomorrow to continue work with the students and the construction work.

Prayer requests
- continued safey and health
- opportunities to share God's love with the students at YES
- opportunities to build relationships with those students, and with those who live in the community around YES
- our group has really come together and has connected well with the Lubbock group.  Please pray for continued good relationsips, and for even deeper connections. 
- later in the week we will have the opportunity to send some of our team members to work with the prisoners in Belize Central Prison and to help at the YES campus in Belize City.  Pray for those opportunities and relationship building, and the chance to share and show God's love and grace. 
- and please continue to pray that we too may be open to what God is doing in our own lives as we are ministering to others, but at the same time being ministered to as well. 

Thank you for your prayers - they are a much needed covering for us.

- the Belize team

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