Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Belize prayer update 3

We had another great day Tuesday!

Scot and Jerry went to do more training. Monday they had done training for the paramedics at Belize Emergency Response Team (BERT). Yesterday they worked with the people of BERT to do training for some of the health care workers of the people of Belize. Today they are actually going to have the chance to go out on calls with the paramedics of BERT, offering assistance and on the job training.

The other eight of us spent the day at YES. We started off the day again worshiping and doing devotionals with the girls. It was amazing how much they opened up on the second day. As we worked along side of them, we laughed, talked, and really had great opportunities to listen.

The construction crew made great progress on the educational building, laying the floor and is ready to start on the walls today. A team also painted their main office building (it had been peeling blue paint when we got there and now it has a bright coat a fresh new paint).

We had a great time as a team last night - we spent some time away from the big group so those of us from Arlington would have a chance to connect and pray together.

Continued prayer requests:

- for continued relationship building with the girls at YES, and opportunities to share God's grace and Christ's love with them

- for Scot and Jerry as they go out on calls that they may help people medically and also have the opportunity to share the love of Christ

-pray for Nancy Cifeuntes - she is one of the students at YES. She lives at a children's home with her siblings. She has one more year at the home before she ages out- and then the situation is "bad" (as the staff at YES has described it).

- part of our group is going to have an opportunity to go by the Burial Grounds district of Belize city where we worked last year and visit with the students and teachers we worked with last year. Pray for a sweet time of fellowship and reconnection

- Sophie is headed to the prison this afternoon with the head of the sewing project from our team to work through some scheduling conflict so we can go out there tomorrow and spend time with the women prisoners. Pray that everything works out well.

- Matt Mitchell (the Associate Pastor of the Lubbock team) and his daughter Loralei are flying out tomorrow for a weekend commitment back in the States. And pray for our big group as we adjust to not having Matt here

- and finally our group is bonding, well (the ten of us and as a big group), but continue to pray for those relationships.

Praying for you as well.

Blessings and love,

The Belize Team

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