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From Tim Tam: Catarina Update=?UTF-8?B?4oCmLi5UdW1vciAg?=surgery q

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From Tim Tam: Catarina Update…..Tumor surgery q

My apologies if you already received these from Carla.
I get so many requests for updates on this, it is easier to send to my whole address book.

Tim Tam

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Hey Everyone,
Catarina will be admitted to the hospital (this) morning around 6am.  She is scheduled for trach and G-tube at 7:45am.  We are told she will be in ICU after this is completed tomorrow and kept there until after recovery from the tumor removal surgery which is scheduled for next week. 
Her MRI showed no parasites and all scans were good confirming no metastasis which is a Big Praise!
Continue in prayer!
 Blessings,  Carla Jennings

 Hello Everyone,
Today was the first of a long process for Catarina.  The surgeons have the trach and the feeding tube in place.  She was frightened and she cried as we prayed over her before surgery.  She was in surgery for these procedures about two hours.  She did very well and was taken to ICU after recovery.   The doctors, the nurses, and everyone at the hospital has been so good and kind to Catarina; she has had some very special attention.
She will remain in ICU until next Friday when she will be taken for the removal of the tumor.  Once removed, the plastic surgeon will begin the reconstruction.  Her expected hospital stay is 3 weeks. It's a long road ahead so continue to pray.
Good Friday!
Blessings,  Carla 
Tim Tam
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