Tuesday, April 3, 2012

From Tim Tam: Special Request q

2 down and one to go.
If you remember one of my previous emails I mentioned on my March trip to Belize being confronted with 3 medical problems?????
1. Hospitalized mother needing Medicine not available in Belize
2. Catarina and tumor (update from Hearts of Christ below)

Now we are seeking help for an infant needing surgery

The need with Caterina was prayer and a hospital in the US to open it's doors.
getting the hospital is usually the hard part.

The good news here is we have already secured the hospital and physicians.
This time we need help with funding to get the mother and child to the states.

This 3 year old, known as "Baby Raquel", and her 18 year old mother are from a Belizean children's home......Marla's House of Hope.
As you can see from the photo she needs corrective eye surgery.
There is no family to help, but we can be that for her.

We need about $1000 USD for airfare to get Raquel and her mother to the states.
At this time everything else is covered.

Please contact me via email if you can help.
I am currently in transit to Belize and will respond tonight or tomorrow.


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From Friday night
Hello Everyone,
I just received a call from Alicia Williams and she, Catarina and Juan have arrived in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Catarina made the flight in good condition. All is well.  
They were at the drive thru at McDonalds!  Can you believe that; God is so good!
Catarina, Juan and Alicia are staying in the home of the doctor tonight and I will let you know as I hear more details.  The doctors and surgeons met today and plans are in the making for the surgery date and time. 
So thankful for all the prayers and for the ones to come; so much power in prayer.
Blessings,  Carla Jennings
Hearts of Christ

Tim Tam
The Word at Work

Cell. 806-671-9673

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