Thursday, August 2, 2012

Belize update: Catarina Ishim

Hey Everyone,
Just got message that Juan and Caterina Ishim will be on the 6pm news tonight in Knoxville, Tennessee; channel 8 local or channel 5 cable.  Don't know any details but probably just an update with one of the doctors.
I saw Caterina a few days ago and she was laughing and smiling as usual.  She has lost her hair from the chemo treatments but has had very little sickness from the treatments.  These treatments will continue into November. 
I just got back from Belize last Saturday.  Our group visited Caterina's village and dropped off items that Juan and Caterina had sent back with us.  One of our group supplied funds to deliver food to the families so we were able to do that along with distributing some donated clothing.  We prayed with the family and friends that gathered and Korie Williams shared scripture that seemed to soothe their pain.   
The Ishim family viewed the first photos they had seen of Caterina since the tumor was removed.  It was very emotional for them to see the results of the tumor removal.  Juan had told them by phone but when they actually viewed the photos, it was hard to take. 
The surgeries and chemo treatments have well exceeded the $500,000 US that was initially expected.  Once the cancer was confirmed and chemo came into the picture, costs have exceeded $1,000,000 US already.
Many have asked about the reconstruction and we don't have details regarding final decisions on that at this time.  The surgeons have stated that reconstruction will be delayed until Caterina is older.  If the eye socket and nose is replaced now, it will have to be reconstructed as her facial features change with growth.  So, no definate answer but will let you know more as I hear more. 
Blessings,  Carla

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