Thursday, June 21, 2012

From Tim Tam: Caterina Ishim?

Talk about a strange Coincidence
Our girl with the tumor, Caterina Ishim comes from the far South of Belize.

I recently met another Cateriana Ishim, yet it was in Central Belize in The Valley of Peace......a rural village where we partner with the local Belizean churches to help the poor in their community....(VALLEY of PEACE PARTNERS or VOPP).
 Catrina  is one of 3 families  that VOPP  have selected this year as destitute and in need of a home.
 Her husband was killed 2 years ago and left her widowed with 8 daughter's.
 so, in a couple days we will be getting a start on a house to be built by her neighbors and a visiting mission team.

 I asked her about the coincidence of her name and it turns out that they are related...... this is her great aunt........ her namesake.
 the grandfather that took Caterina  to the states for surgery is her brother-in-law.
 she explained that the family had been praying and were very worried but were unaware of what has transpired.
 I assured her that God had answered their prayers and that I would return in a couple days and share recent photos with her.

 Throughout the ordeal of Katerina's tumor we only asked for prayers. everything financial had already been taken care of.
 so, if you are looking for another way to give, we need to raise $3000 USD for materials to build this house.

 please let me know if you are in a position and willing to help.

TT in BZ

Tim Tam
The Word at Work

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