Thursday, March 13, 2014

Skits during YES devotional
 “Wow!” a direct quote from Jim Cicherski. Nothing else could quite explain our day any better than that one word! We had a powerful day at YES and we experienced, first-hand, our vision of disciples making disciples. Prompted by the Holy Spirit, our devotional time focused on encouraging the girls that they do have hope in Jesus Christ. Our key verse for the day was Romans 15:13. The girls participated in skits and heard a moving testimony by one of the interns that just started working at YES. Right after this, one of the girls was moved to accept the Lord as her Savior!!

Sewing praise flags at YES
Mrs. Mimi, Gala and Michelle helped the girls finish working on their praise flag sewing project and each girl finished one flag. The flags are beautiful!  They will learn the flag choreography tomorrow afternoon.  The girls also had a great time making arts and crafts projects with Suzie, Caroline, Ann Marie and Colton. But, the big hit of the day was Mrs. Diane using her hidden talent of creating balloon animals. It was lovely to see the girls laughing and being playful with one another, which is a rare occurrence in their daily routine.

Visors created at YES
At the 8 Mile work site, the work crew completed the concrete columns to the new building! Lew, Zach and Zach worked hard to finish the last three pillars. They also removed the casing from columns poured yesterday.  Through some phone calls and God’s provision, a crane will be on site tomorrow to lift the remaining floor beams in to place atop the columns.

Please pray over:
-Jennifer (J-Lo), a YES graduate who has come back to help cook our meals this week, who will be sharing her testimony during the girls devotional Thursday morning.
-the financial struggles at YES, for God to reveal His plan for a long term funding plan for the program
-The remaining work at the 8 Mile construction site
-The YES girls, that their hearts would be softened to God’s love, that they would find their hope in Christ alone

-God’s timing for opportunities to learn about new ministries in Belize that will be information for potential future partner church involvement

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