Sunday, March 9, 2014

We’re here!  We made it to Belize this morning.   We met our TWAW partner, Tim Hagen, and settled in to our lodging for the week. 

We enjoyed an amazing time of worship at Pickstock Assemblies of God this evening!  This church is pastored by Phillipa and primarily serves children and young people.  These beautiful children lead the worship singing with such enthusiasm and heart that the whole wooden building was shaking!  We hope to meet with Phillipa later this week to learn more about this ministry.

Tomorrow our entire team heads to Western Paradise, otherwise known as 8 mile, to do construction work on the community center. 

It has been a very long day so we will post more throughout the week!

Things you can pray over:
-Safety during construction work
-Opportunities to interact with Belizeans at 8 Mile
-Renewed friendships with 8 Mile youth
-the girls at YES as we prepare to meet them again on Tuesday

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