Friday, March 18, 2016


More fence stretching! Each roll of chain link is about 70 feet long and gets stretched and nailed to posts.

Fence mending is how two sections of chain link are joined. A single piece of wire is effectively woven through both sides. When finished you can't tell where the mending was done!


Betsy and Coleman...looking for instruction from Chepito perhaps?


Sweet Sulemi gave Michelle her canvas painting.

Both fences were finished!! Approximately 600 feet of fence were set on the east and west side of the lot. Every team member worked on the fence and everyone flowed in and out between fence and spending time with the girls.

Tim Tam took Rich on a tour of the prison and then introduced Michelle to someone with connections to the first ever Belize flight school.

Michelle led the girls in a craft to turn t-shirts into bags. The girls loved the bright colors that we brought for this activity.
In addition to t-shirt bags, the girls were able to take home with them several items from our week - a Good News Bible, an adult coloring book with Bible versus, color pencils, and their canvas paintings.  Here Sulemi and Jenna pose for a picture with Colton looking on.

What a great team!

And a silly team!!

Our green shirts were given to us from Mrs Karen, the Director of Youth Enhancement Services (YES). YES has three branches to the organization: Teen Pregnancy Center, the Training Center (where we work), and the Advocacy branch. "Sexual Violence is No Joke" is YES's current campaign to bring awareness to the people of Belize that Sexual violence is not OK. YES goes throughout the country, talking at schools and educating young people on such issues.

At the end of the day we went through the Burial Grounds. This is a very poor community of shanty shacks built on a swamp around the cemetery. The "bridges" shown here are made of wooden pallets and other scraps of wood. One can see right through many of them and great care must be taken when walking across as they are not all stable. 

There is about a mile of pallet bridges through the community.


  1. I'd like to know more about the green shirts. What is on the back? How neat that you all went into the burial grounds to reach out to so many people. Praying for impactful and meaningful conversations.

    1. We've added a description of the shirts in the blog :)