Wednesday, March 16, 2016


 The posts are all in and now ready for the chain link. The fence is about 330 feet long on each side and it looks like we will be able to get both sides completed this week.

Betsy pounding the dirt firm around the post so it is stable.

After the chain link is nailed to the posts, a string of barbed wire is added to the bottom and top of the fence for stabilization as well as added protection.

Michael, Chepito and Colton hard at work on the fence. 

Caroline and Colton with Tam-Meya. Praise God for answered prayer...the girls were very open and accepting right away on the first day. In previous trips, it has been several days before we get the same level of interaction and fellowship. This is a wonderful blessing!!

Colman, Laura, Shelly, Caroline, Michelle, and Betsy stretching the chain link so it can be nailed to the posts. It takes quite a crew to stretch!

Our whole team at the end of a great day!
Rich taught the girls how to juggle.  Karla was great!  She was even able to get three balls in the air successfully!!
 Isobel, Laura and Caroline worked with the girls on the sewing project - wallets. This is Tam-Meya finishing up her colorful wallet.
 Another view of the fence...You can see Betsy up close and way down towards the opposite end, there is Michael!
 Betsy nailing the barb wire to the bottom of the new fences.
After a long day of fence building, Bible study and activities with the girls, here Coleman and Kurt are resting in the shade before we head back to our hotel for the evening.  Please continue to pray for growing relationships with the girls, as well as energy for the team members working on the fence. It is very warm and humid here, we are drinking lots of water, but would appreciate prayer for continued strength for the team.  ...More to come for Wednesday's post.

 After our work day we made time to go by 8 Mile (otherwise known as Western Paradise), where we have worked in years past. The progress on the community/worship center is exciting! Who knew you could make a building out of shipping containers!

The floor beams laid and half of the flooring down.


  1. Such wonderful work is being accomplished, along with the building of relationships. Thank you so much for all the pictures and commentary!