Friday, March 13, 2015

Today was our final day with the girls at Y.E.S. (Youth Enhancement Services).  We took them on a field trip to Banana Bank where we got to enjoy time with them through horseback riding and swimming. It has been an amazing week seeing the changes in them Tuesday through today. It has been beautiful to see them blossom as Christ in us was revealed during a great bonding time of fellowship and singing throughout the car ride to the resort. The friendships and the trust that has been born between the girls and our team has grown and has made us into a unified family.

In the same way, we got to socialize with the girls while we enjoyed a delicious lunch at Banana Bank. Salad, rice, and yet again, chicken (something very popular here) brought us together with laughs and enjoyment. Afterwards we finished up our time there with some Marco-Polo in the pool and splish-splashing!

As closure came today, we could see the impact we had made on their lives as hugs were given, pictures were taken, and tears were falling.

We know this isn't goodbye, but a "see you again."

Tomorrow morning we head out to St. George's Caye to spend some time processing this week and how we have experienced God at work in and through us.  Continue to pray for the team as we spend this final time together.  

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