Saturday, March 18, 2017

Some pictures...

As we are packing this morning, I wanted to post just a few more pictures...

Ishell and her daughter (2 yrs. old) going for the horseback ride...

Here is the group getting onto the horses. We had 18 people and two 2 yr olds for horseback riding..

And they are off....

Here are four of the young kids having fun in the pool!

On Friday Ms Vinney came to visit us at breakfast. How wonderful to reconnect with old friends!

Here are the new rooms at the Training center!  Next year they will be able to support 10 residential students. Each student will have one of these rooms. Soon they will have the beds and chests of drawers.

Here is Mimi with Celine.  It was wonderful to see Celine again - for the 3rd year. God has increasingly granted us the ability to see some of the past students even after they graduate.

Another picture of the Mayan ruins. The four people standing at the top of the stairs are speaking in a normal voice and those of us in the plaza below can hear them as if they were standing right beside us!!  The entire plaza has limestone buildings and it creates acoustic chamber. So the priests or kings could address all of their people at once.

Wonderful picture of Moises's mother (Magdalena), Chepito (our fearless Word at Work leader), and Moises.

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