Monday, March 13, 2017

The group at the airport in Dallas...we are starting our trip...

Dinner at Old Belize Restaurant on Sunday night..

Monday was our first day with the girls at the YES camp.  We had a wonderful time interacting with the girls and playing ice breaker games getting to know each other. We had a delicious breakfast and lunch with the staff and girls at the YES staff camp.  Caroline V. and Ann Marie had a great time teaching the girls how to make tie die shirts and Caroline N. and Presley helped teach the girls how to make headbands.  Mimi, Jill, and Rene sewed some beautiful pillow cases with the girls. We all stepped in some part of the day and scraped and painted half of the administration building. It is hot pink again!  We are about to head off to dinner at Yolanda's, and are all anxious for a good night sleep. 

Some pictures from Monday....

Met Karla, Sulemi and Kimberly...some of the women of YES.

We began our painting project by first scraping off any loose paint from the last paint job. This building was last painted by our group in 2010.

Jonathan, Samuel and Caroline N. are putting on the first coat of new pink paint.  The color is selected to keep the building as bright as possible in the punishing sun.

Here is the start of the sewing project - we are sewing pillow cases...The fabric is very bright and fun!

Mimi and Abby work with Kimberly and Sulemi on a pillow case...

Caroline V. and Ann Marie worked with the girls to tie dye some shirts...

Celine stopped by to say "Hello" to Mimi and Caroline. Celine graduated last year! It was wonderful to see her again!

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  1. Aww, so fun to see familiar Belize faces and places! Wow, the pink building really did need a new coat!!

    And I recognize that pillow case burrito! :)