Thursday, March 16, 2017

These past two days have been very busy so we will do our best to recap from both days.  Wednesday started with a beautiful breezy cloudy day that was perfect for doing projects outside. We had lots of new smiling faces and teen moms bring their little ones with them today.  The morning was spent with 1/2 of the time canvas painting and the other 1/2 decorated wooden crosses. Most of the crew spent time outside painting or helping to babysit the youngsters. We had an amazing lunch of what I like to call Belizean Nachos. They were delicious and it was great to share company with an entire room full of young ladies. After lunch we flip flopped the activities and finished painting the administration building including the sign! It looks amazing and we all took part in that project. We celebrated with some delicious ice cream from the Western Dairy. That evening we enjoyed food and fellowship at Old Belize with Covenant Presbyterian. We had a wonderful time hearing what they were doing and sharing what we were doing here in Belize.

Today we enjoyed a relaxing field trip with the girls to Banana Bank.  It was a beautiful place just outside of the capital of Belize. Many of us went on a horse backing riding tour, swimming and enjoyed seeing all of the various animals in the "jungle". We had to get 3 vans because there were so many girls on the field trip. It was a fun ride down as we learned how to make survivor bracelets and got to learn more about each other and the girls. The little kids loved the water and horseback riding. We headed back to town just in time to to drop the girls off and head over to Yolanda's for a delicious meal that included tortillas, of course. Now our long day has finally come to and and it is time for some much needed sleep.

We are having some technical issues with uploading photos and will try to post some tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will travel north to Corozal to visit Moises. Please pray for safe travels and fellowship with Moises and his family!

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