Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Few Pictures From Our First Day

We made it safely to Belize just after lunch time, and we had several hours before the rest of our group (the 30 or so people from Westminster Presbyterian Church in Lubbock) arrived in Belize. After a delicious lunch of cow foot soup and "boil-up" we spent a few hours exploring Belize City. The group from Lubbock arrived just in time for dinner and fellowship. There are many of the Lubbock team members who have been coming to Belize every year for 3, 4, or even 5 years, and we loved listening to their stories over dinner!

A few pictures from our first day...

This is our team in the DFW airport pre-flight. A BIG thank-you to Suzie and Joan for waking up extremely early (before the sun was even up) to take us to the airport.

These are some of the first few things we saw as we flew into Belize,

A welcome sign,

a hotel that reminded us that God was already at work in Belize well before our plane touched down,

and busy city streets.

We had a wonderful "tour guide" (one of the men who works for the Word at Work) named Kenny who drove us around the city, giving us a history lesson on the way to our hotel. He will also be our construction foreman this week.

This is St. Andrews Presbyterian Church - which the Word at Work (the organization that we are working with here in Belize) helped found. And in turn, St. Andrews Presbyterian Church started Unity Presbyterian Church where we will be worshipping tomorrow (and where we will be working near all week).

We stopped by the lighthouse to take a group picture (this is the one day all week we will be in matching t-shirts).

It's going to be a great week - THANK YOU for your prayers!


  1. We're praying for you without ceasing! Just remember you all are under an umbrella of love that will be with you all week!
    Jo Anne Thomson

  2. I might be mistaken, but I don't see a lighthouse in this picture at all. We are praying for you guys and the work God is going to do in you and through you. Glad to see your there safe and enjoying a couple hours of free time. Hope to see more on Sunday.

  3. Glad you arrived safely. Will continue to pray for you - your work to glorify God - and a safe return.
    Love, Mom & Dad Dawson

    p.s. the cheesecake was good-yummmee.

  4. Happy Happy Joy Joy, glad you all made it safely.
    Do God's work, learn something, meet new people, and have FUN.

  5. Yea, it is good to see a picture of you. You are a great group to take God's love and sow it to another soil!!! Smile often, laugh deeply, and love always. You carry not only God's love but our prayers too!! Lucia