Sunday, March 29, 2009

Update on Moises

The following e-mail just came from Belize with an update on Moises:

"Things are settling down here in Belize for me, so let me catch you up on Moises.
He made it into Amarillo Texas before the winter storm hit.
His mother had difficulty with her visa but he was able to travel with Dr. Eck, his Physician.
His mother was able to be reunited with him yesterday evening.
I will follow up this letter with some photos and short videos.
The doctors there are very encouraged about his condition.
Moises himself, is having a blast. See in the photos his first encounter with snow.
While Moises was making a snowball in his room, Dr. Eck was outside playing in the snow, a new experience for him also.
The current plan is to help Moises gain weight before surgery. This may take three months. He needs to be at least 70% of normal body weight. Currently he is less than 50%
Part of the plan is to introduce nutrition through his lower intestines.
He is getting regular visits from local schoolchildren and a big welcome banner from them hangs on his wall, see photos.
They tell me he charms everyone who enters his room. He gets out of bed quite a bit. My wife tells me the hospital has large electric cars which he enjoys driving down the hallways and a nurse runs along behind him holding his IV bag. I myself will be seeing him back in the US on Wednesday. Please continue with us in prayer, and again thanks for all your support for this miracle child."

Tim Tam in Belize.

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