Thursday, March 19, 2009

Great Day, Busy Day

This is going to be a rather short post because it was a busy day, a busy evening, and the night isn't over yet.

Scot and Jerry spent most of the day at the burial grounds continuing the mortar/cinder block work on the church.

Michelle, Stacy, Sophie, and Jennifer went out first to King's Children Home in Belmopan. This was a completely different experience than going to the state run children's home. The woman who owns the home is licenced to have up to 45 children in the home (there are 42 right now) and they all call her mom. Leone herself (the woman who runs the home) came from a background of abuse herself, and so takes in abused children. They are up daily by 5:00am to do devotionals and have a time of worship together. The children look out for one another, love one another, and the atmosphere of the home is completely different than it was at the other home in Belize City. They are in an extremely small space right now, but have recently purchased 14 acres so they can build a larger complex with more space for the kids to run and play. Leone is an amazing woman with an incredible vision and a huge heart.
After our time there, and a quick lunch, Jennifer and Stacy headed back to the burial grounds to help Scot and Jerry while Sophie and Michelle headed back to the prisons to continue working with the sewing ministry there. They actually let some of the women from WPC in Lubbock take a camera in today, but we will have to upload those pictures tomorrow when we have more time.
We ate dinner, a cookout, at the burial grounds, played soccer with some of the kids, and then came back here for worship, devos, and some meetings.
It's been a great day - God is good.

This is our team this morning, before we split up for the day.

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  1. Hi, guys! We are thinking of you constantly and praying for strength and energy as the week winds down for you. What a lot you will have to share with us when you get back! Can hardly wait to hear your stories face-to-face!
    Jo Anne Thomson