Monday, March 16, 2009

A Good Day of Work and a Prayer Request

We split up this morning after breakfast to head to separate work sites for the day. We all had wonderful days, but we were so excited to get back together at dinner time and hear about one another's days, you would have thought we hadn't seen each other in weeks!

Scot and Jerry headed out to fish! That's right, fish! Originally this fish pond was built for the sole purpose of feeding the kids at one children's home. However, it has been so successful that they were not able to feed just the kids from that home but pretty much all the oprhanages in the area around Belize City. Every 5-7 months they will harvest the fish, and today just happened to be one of those days. After the collected the fish they cleaned and gutted over 10,000 fish. Today they fished, tomorrow, we will deliver the fish. Here are just a few pictures of the fishing process (we have video to share when we get back).

The rest of us headed to the burial grounds. To set the stage of where we were this is the school:

and these are a few of the students on the way to school.

Jennifer began the today by heading on a field trip with the preschool students (right by the church is a school, funded by the church). This is Jennifer with one of the students.

Stacy began her day by pulling nails out pieces of wood. The goal is to have 3 more classes built by September, but the only thing in place now is the concrete slab. Stacy helped clean up the wood that was on top so that the building can begin.

Jennifer later joined in the nail pulling efforts.

Michelle and Sophie spent their day water proofing the outreach center next to the school. They began by painting the porch level and the railings,

and would take breaks when the kids had breaks from school to play with them.

After a DELICIOUS homemade burrito lunch Sophie and Michelle moved on to the back walls,
and got reinforcements.

We made a great team. At the end of the day only one wall needs to be finished.
Also going on inside the outreach center was a dental clinic (which we could see through the windows as we were painting)
This is a view of the church and outreach center from down the street.

A fun video from our playground time:

And one very serious prayer request from the day:
During dinner, it was brought to our attention that a seven year old boy was in accident on Jan 8. Since then he has had 5 surgeries, and every single doctor is shocked that he is still alive. The doctors have asked if we can help get him to the States, it is only chance of survival. Sophie went to the hospital with a few others to pray with him tonight and reported back that he no longer has any small bowel, and the majority of his internal organs are exposed. He is nothing but skin and bones. His name is Moses, and he has committed his life to the Lord if he survives. Please pray for him. We need a way to airlift him to the States, a doctor, and a way for him to be cared for after surgery. It is no coincidence that his is happening while we are here, a team of more than 30 people with resources and connections. Thank you for your prayers.

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  1. Hi, you all!!
    What awesome work you are doing! It's really cool that you take breaks from work to play with the kids. Do they all speak English?
    How frightening that must be for Moses and his family! I am praying especially for all involved, knowing that God is in charge but we humans must help put God's plans into place.
    Peace and energy be with you!
    Jo Anne