Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back Safely From Galveston

25 FPCA members spent June 7-23 in Galveston working with EFCA Crisis Response to assist those who have been impacted by Hurricane Ike. It was a wonderful week. We divided into four teams. One team's primary responsibility was to put a new roof on a house and gut the inside of a house (so new sheet rock can be put up). Two teams worked on putting up and mudding sheetrock. Our fourth team worked in a house that was almost completed and did a lot of trim work, installed doorknobs, put up sheetrock, and helped get the house ready for the homeowner to move into.

In addition, our Agape singers/ringers performed on three separate occasions (once at a church, and twice at retirement homes). We have quite a few pictures to share, and many stories of how we saw God at work. For now though, we wanted to share three pictures of our team and various times throughout the week.

This is a picture of the majority of our team on Sunday morning (taken just before we loaded into our vans and headed down Galveston).

Wednesday night the Agapes sang/rang at St. Stephen's Presbyterian Church in Houston. The church treated us to a delicious dinner, and it was a wonderful night of fellowship with another church community.

This picture was taken Friday morning, our last day of work in Galveston. We stayed at Galveston Bible Church (the men slept on bunk beds in the Sanctuary and the women slept on bunk beds in the Sunday School class rooms).

It was a wonderful week, we saw God at work in amazing ways, and hopefully we will be able to make additional trips to Galveston in the 2009 year.

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