Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Moises Surgery is TODAY!

This email was sent last night from Tim Tam regarding Moises surgery (which is going on this morning!):

Almost 6 months since the accident and tomorrow morning is the big surgery.

Lots of love, prayer, and incredible medical care has brought Moises from the edge of death to this point of health and strength to undergo this major surgery.

Today he received a blood transfusion to further strengthen him and to compensate for any blood loss associated with tomorrows procedure.

This afternoon I went over to play with him and asked if he was nervous about tomorrow. He just laughed. He was disappointed it wasn’t done last week and looks forward to getting it over with and back to his home in Belize.

Though he is still a little jaundiced, he was in great spirits and exploding with energy.

He has a good understanding of what to expect for tomorrow.

It was hysterical listening to his conversation today with one of the doctors.

In one of the attached photos he is instructing the doctor not to use tubes through the nose because they are uncomfortable and will only make it difficult for him to breathe.

We have a date tomorrow before surgery to go for a walk in the hospital courtyard and see how the tomatoes he planted are doing.

Perhaps these will be part of his first real meal after surgery which the doctor says may be 2 weeks after the surgery.

As for mom…………she too is very happy. She says she is without fear. We watched videos of her children and husband that made her cry. She really misses them and her home. Though her new baby isn’t kicking yet, its presence with us is plain to see.

PRAY………….is the reason for this email

Please pray with us through tomorrows surgery.

I will let you know how it goes.


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