Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Surgery was a success!

The surgery was a complete success.

The surgeon said it went as well or even better than expected.

It lasted less than 6 hours. We couldn’t get mom to walk or eat anything today but after a post-op visit from the surgeon she was smiling again and began to eat the food she had been carrying all day.

Now the intestines are connected, abdomen muscles sewn back, skin remains open till threat of internal infection passes. Over the next 10 days the bowels are expected to become active and then slowly introduced to food again.

From his TV viewing he has already decided on a local Mexican restaurant for his first meal.

In a month or so the skin over the abdomen will be stitched up and perhaps a return trip to Belize can be scheduled.

He will have a couple of rough days now as is normal for post-surgery. His mom has moved from their regular room to a chair beside his bed in the ICU.

She will have a rough night tonight as well but from exhaustion and not fear. Before the surgery Moises saw her sadness and told her not to worry because God was with him.

Thank you all for helping to carry him through this on your prayers.

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