Thursday, March 8, 2012

The 2012 Belize Team

On Saturday Morning, at 6:44 am, the 2012 Belize Team leaves Dallas Forth International Airport. We have 19 people who are a part of this year's team, and we are incredibly excited and humbled that we will be a part of the work that God is already doing in Belize.

While we are there we will be involved in several ministry opportunities:

- we will be working with the students at Youth Enhancement Services (YES), at their Lord's Bank Campus. YES is a school for girls who for whatever reason don't fit into the traditional school environment. All schools in Belize cost money, whether private or public, and YES is significantly less expensive than all other schools. Many of the girls who come to YES have been abused, some come from group homes, but they all need a refuge, and they are able to find it at YES. We are able to spend the week with them, teaching them sewing, how to make various crafts, dental/oral hygiene, and computer skills among other things.

- part of our crew will be working at the other YES (in downtown Belize City) campus helping to renovate their building.

- we will have a chance to worship at Pastor Ruth's church - Pastor Ruth is one of the teacher's at YES. We have known her for several years. We will invite the YES students to come worship with us, and for some of our team this will be the second time we will have had the opportunity to worship at Pastor Ruth's congregation.

- we will have a chance to go visit with Moises, his siblings and his parents. For those of you have kept up with this blog over the last few years, Moises is a little boy who was injured in a tragic accident in Jan of 2009. It was only through the prayers of many saints, and the generosity of strangers that Moises was miraculous healed. He is now incredibly healthy, and it is our privilege to get to visit and spend time with him.

Those are a few highlights of our trip to Belize. Please be praying for our team as they travel to Belize!

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