Monday, March 14, 2011

checking in from Belize

Good morning prayer team!

After breakfast we're headed out to YES for the day. We'll start with a
devotional time with the girls (some singing, a devotion). We'll begin our
construction/painting projects, and we'll also start our sewing and computer
classes with the girls. Most of all we're praying for a good start to
relationships with the girls and the staff.

We had a great day yesterday. Since the school isn't open, we made the 2+ drive
up to Northern Belize to visit with Moises and his family (check the
fpca.missions.blogspot for former posts if you don't know the story of Moises
and his family). We had a great time. They live about 1-2 miles from the bay,
but they never see the way, much less get to put their feet in it. We ate a
hamburger restaurant (which they LOVED) right by the water and then explore
since Mayan ruins just a few miles away (which they had never been too). We
ended the day worshipping/praying/sharing together as a group, before we heading
to bed.

Thank you all for your prayers.

Blessings and love,

the Belize Team

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