Monday, March 14, 2011

End of Day Monday

What a day! We headed out to YES first thing Monday. We started of the day
with the students at YES with a time of singing a few worship songs and Sophie
leading a time of devotion/small group Bible Study (we're going to rotate who
leads the Devotion time all week. Tomorrow, Emma is taking the lead.). The
students and the FPCA quickly bonded. After awhile we divided up into groups.
Suzie took the lead on leading a computer class, Judy and Stacy took the lead
on leading a sewing class, and Lew took the lead on painting one of the
classroom buildings (the one we built last year). Everyone else filled in as
they were needed.
Later in the day, after the students had left, and the worsksite was being
cleaned up, part of the group had the chance to visit an open air market to get
fresh food for our meals. It was a wonderful and different experience for
everyone who got to go. That same group was also able to drive by the Burial
Grounds School/Church where we worked in 2009. The school was out for the day,
so we didn't get to see any of the teachers/students that we know. But, it was
great to at least see the progress on the building/grounds.

Pictures to come. It's been a non-stop day, and we haven't had a chance to
upload any to the computer.

We are excited to return to YES tomorrow and continue building relationships
with the girls their and continue our work on the school grounds.

We appreciate your prayers so much!

The Belize Team.

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