Friday, March 18, 2011

update from Thur

Yesterday was an amazing experience! A group took the girls out for a field
trip in Belmopan. Most of the girls went horseback riding, and then all of the
girls went swimming. For a day, they all had a chance to just be kids! For
many of them, their days start at 4am when they wake up to catch buses to
school, they live in houses that are barely standing, and they have their quite
a few adult responsibilities on their plate. And they had the chance to relax,
be kids, try something new. Actually, one of the best parts, was the van ride
up, as the girls wanted to share stories (alternating between them and the
FPCAers, sing praise songs, and dance.

The part of the group that stayed behind worked on getting the awning up on the
classroom building. Starting to look really good!

Prayer Requests for Today:
- we are going to do an extended devotion time this morning, and really spend
some time praying for the girls by name.
- we are going to wrap up the sewing classes for those who haven't finished
their projects and the computer classes for those who still have questions.
- Today is our final day of working with the girls. It's only been a week, but
there have some powerful bonds established. Pray for a sweet parting, and that
we may continue to spread His Word even in our final day at YES.

Thankful for each one of you,

The Belize Team

(we will send pictures soon for Wed and Thur)

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