Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Update from Belize and Tuesday Pictures

What a day!

The team headed back to Belize this morning. Lew was busy leading the painting
crew. Pastor Ruth (who leads a couple of classes at the school) had picked the
colors for the building. Last year we had painted the office building pink with
green trim. Well she liked that so much she decided to paint the new classroom
building green with pink trim. Her face lit up when she saw the color go on the
building. The church where she is a pastor is the same color green, and
everyone knows her church as the "green church."

In addition to the painting project, Lew and the crew found a few projects to
work on, including replacing a few boards on the classroom building, and
replacing the door on one of their bathrooms. We're hoping to help with
whatever minor repairs need to be done along with the larger projects they have
given us to do.

Stacy and Judy continued spearheading the sewing project (they were teaching the
girls to make bags). By the end of the day, the girls had each made two bags
(and were very proud of their accomplishments). Some girls were able to add
their own flair to the bags and others were able to figure out how if they were
to do a sewing business after school they could market something similar. We'll
introduce a new sewing project tomorrow, led by Jennifer.

Suzie is continuing to do a great job with the computer classes. Sophie and
Michelle joined her today to help give a quick lesson in Publisher to a few
people, and Presley has shared her computer knowledge as well over the last
couple of days.

One of the highlights is our devotional/worship/sharing time in the mornings.
Emma led us as we got started today, and it's been amazing just to see the
girls open up. Presley will be leading the devotional time tomorrow.

Jim is pitching in the kitchen, helping to get the midday meal ready. The woman
in charge of cooking the meals at YES said this was the first day she had fun
while cooking. I guess having Jim as your sous-chef definitely makes life more

Another highlight of the day was our amazing dinner, homemade by Yolanda.
Yolanda and Oscar is a couple we have known since our first trip to Belize in
2009 when we worked in the Burial Grounds section of Belize City. Oscar makes
the word work (bowls, crosses, etc) that so many of our team members buy while
we're in Belize - and one actually hangs on the cross wall at FPCA. Often while
we're here in Belize, Yolanda will made dinner for us. It's a win for us,
because we get an amazing meal, with things like homemade tortillas, for a very
very reasonable price (and we get to see her, Oscar and her kids), and it's a
win for Yolanda because she gets more work.

It was another great day. We did have a lot of heavy rains tonight, so we are
praying it dries out so we can finish painting tomorrow.

Please pray for good weather, continued good relationships with the girls at
YES, opportunities to share God's love with them (there have already been some
open doors which is very excited), and for our hearts to be open to what God is

Thanks, blessings, and love,


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