Thursday, March 17, 2011

Update from Wed

We had another wonderful day at YES Wed. We once again started with a time of
devotion/worship with the girls. They have really opened up, and asked if they
could share some of their songs with us. We sang for awhile, and then Presley
led is in a time teaching. We did small small group discussions after that and
some ice breakers. But at this point the ice breakers are just mainly for the
girls to have fun - we're mixing up the groups each day so different people from
the FPCA group can get to know different girls better.

In the sewing room, the bag project was finished yesterday. So Jennifer stepped
in to teach them how to make decorative flowers. Michelle was her main helper.
The YES girls had a blast! Some of them were able to try a more complicated
stitch, and they were all able to complete a fun project. Judy and Stacy were
able to move over to the construction project and help with the painting. The
building is now green with pink trim (and doors). And Lew and his crew have
started building an awning for the building. By Friday it's going to look

We glanced briefly at the pictures of what the YES campus looked like in 2010,
but neither building had been painted, and before the edition had been built on
the education classroom. It's amazing difference.

Suzie continues to do amazing things teaching in the computer classroom! She's
taught the students how to use word, email, excel, publisher (and all this with
them having little to know education about computers).

Later in the day, Sophie took Yolanda back to the open air market so she could
get more food for one of our dinners. Several of our group members who had
never been came so they could experience what an open air market was like.

Today our group is splitting up for the first time all week. Part of the group
is staying behind at YES to continue the awning project. The rest of the group
is taking the YES girls on a field trip, a true treat for them!

Appreciate your prayers and each one of you!

Blessings and love,

The Belize Team

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