Tuesday, June 12, 2012

First Day on the Worksite

We had a great first day on the worksite.

The team that went to Mary's house met both Mary and her husband Tiny (who is not so Tiny in stature).  It turns out that in addition to losing their money to ahook contractor, their house was was also bulgarized and coper stolen from the roof (leaving the ceiling damaged). The group was able to get some good work done with the work on the dry wall, etc.

The group building the fence met their homeowners. Walter was told by the city if they didn't put up a 6 foot fence they would be fined.  The city is assigning a lot of fines right now for people not maintaining things (like grass according to a certain height etc). And if people didn't meet the regulations, or cant pay their fines their property is being seized to pay the fines. Thankfully Walter is going to have his fence built in time, but Walter's neighbor who has been in the hospital for the last 2 years has not been able to maintain his home. He is at risk for losing his property because of fines he cant pay. The team is hoping to finish up the fence either today or tomorrow.

The 3rd team is working on The Upper Room Church. It is a wonderful building that had four feet of water damage because of the storm, damage because of weather over the last 8 years, and vandalism. But they are hoping to restore it so that they can use it to minister to those in the area. We met one woman who said she had two sons who were around 19-20 years old. We asked them where they hung out, and she said no where that the area was so run down that there was no where to really hang out or play ball. 

We are returning to our same 3 sites tonight to work, and looking forward to building more relationships.

Please pray for Trevor, who we think has an ear infection.

Pray for our team, as they are working hard, in the heat and humidity. Pray for our safety, pray for good spirits

Please pray for the relationships among our team, with the EFCA team, and with the team from North Carolina. Pray that in all that we say or do we can glorify God.

Pray that we may be a light to Christ in all we do.

With love and blessings,

The New Orleans Mission Team

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