Sunday, June 17, 2012

Home Again

Our wonderful team of 21 has returned to Arlington after a great trip to New Orleans.  It was a great trip for so many reasons. 

One of the highlights was getting to start new relationships, and to reconnect with some friends we have made in the previous years.  We have previously mentioned Ms. Ruby.  We had the privilege of being able to work on her home in 2011, and it was wonderful to see her this year.  She joined us for our block party on Wed night, she gave us a tour of her home (and how it's been updated since we left).  We had the privilege of meeting her nephew, and just had a great time with her.  

Our group this year was a TON of fun.  We were so busy working and enjoying being together that we only managed to slow down once for a group picture (and this one was at the block party Wed night). 

One of the highlights for me is being able to work with EFCA's Touch Global.  It's an extremely well organized group, and the staff is amazing.  We had gotten to know some of the staff last year, and we loved reconnecting with them this year.  This is Ronnie, Jen, Katie, and Chelsea.

It was a great trip, and I'm sure it may not be our last trip to New Orleans.  Katrina may have hit awhile ago, but 25% of the homes in New Orleans are still not lived in, and 40% of the homes in the 9th ward have either been leveled are uninhabited.   Keep praying for New Orleans, EFCA, and for all those living there!

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