Monday, June 11, 2012

Job Sites

We are off to our 3 job sites this morning.

The first is owned by a woman named Mary Hart. About 5 years ago, she paid a contractor to work on her house. He did a phenomenal job making a pretty looking roof. But the roof leaked causing major damage in the house. And at that point, the contractor left with Mary's money. Lew's team is going to go in this morning to do some gutting and to assess what needs to be done.

Our 2nd job is actually a fence installation. This family lives in the lower 9th ward and has to have their fence up by June 20th or face serious ramifications. Pastor Gerald (who EFCA works with on prayer walks) ask us to help us with this fence. Rob will be leading this team.

The 3rd job is at the Upper Room Church.  A church from Slidell has come and planted this church in a church/school. We are going to do some initial painting/prepping.

Please pray for us as we go out to the sites

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