Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Work Day 2

The crew working at Mary and Tiny's house had another busy but full day. They made enough progress that they were even able to start painting in places.

In the midst of their productivity, the team took a prayer walk and had a great time interacting with the community.

The team at Walter's house continued working at putting up his fence.

Two exciting things happened though as the day unfolded.  One is that we are hoping to begin work on his neighbor's property by the end of the week to get it to the point where it wont be fined (and thus taken over by the city). Hopefully the necessary paper work is being filled out now so that work can start ASAP.  Praying for everything to fall into place.

Also, a lot of the neighbors just started stopping by the see what was happening, and why this crew of volunteers was helping out their friend Walter. And this is in a neighborhood where a lot of the houses have been destroyed and their are a great deal of vacant lots - but word got around, and people came by. And several of those people stayed to help. It was a great chance to get to know people, hear their stories and share the real reason we are down here doing this work.

The team at the Upper Room Church spending the day sanding down the pews in the balcony, and painting the balcony.

While on a prayer walk, they met a guy named Fred, who shared with them photos of his house after Katrina (which had nine feet of water in it). They had a chance to pray with and for him.

This morning most of our team is starting off the day with a prayer walk at the House of Hope in New Orleans.

We will then divide into 4 teams (one extra work crew today), and finish the day with a block party at the Upper Room Church.

Please pray for our day at the worksites, for productive work, for good interactions with people in the community.

Pray for Trevor, who has tonsilitis.  After resting all day yesterday and getting the right mediciation he fells a lot better but would still appreciate your prayers.

Pray for our block party tonight.


The New Orleans Mission Team

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