Friday, June 15, 2012

Work Days 4 and 5

It's been a full but good few days. 
We have continued working at the various sites, and building relationships with the various home owners.

Mary Hart was so appreciative of her team, that she bought them a good ole Louisiana meal for lunch on Thursday (catfish, fried chicken, sweet potatoes, gumbo on rice, cake).

The group at Walter's house all but finished the fence today (fri).

The group at the Upper Room Church took on a massive project of trying to scrape of the old layer of floor to leave just the concrete underneath.  They made good headway.  And in the mean time had some good conversations with neighbors in the area. A highlight for Scott was getting to join a few of the local teens in a pick up basketball game.

The 4th team spent a few days working on the house of a man named Michael (a fascinating man, who it turns out is a very talented musician). 

Tonight we are going out to dinner to enjoy some time together and the food!

Tomorrow morning we will get on the road early to start our drive back to Arlington. Please pray for safe travels.

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